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Intensive Driving Lessons

Sometimes, you may need your driving licence earlier than it should be granted to you. For this, Intensive Driving Lesson to help you get your licence faster. Whether you are a newbie to these lessons, or just looking for an opportunity to sharpen your skills, we are here to make sure you get the ideal results afterwards.

Without proper guideline or instructors, it may take several months to learn to drive. An Intensive Driving Lessons covers everything from theory test practice questions to teaching you everything about the driving test, even if you have no experience behind the wheel. We prepared this whole guide to make sure you understand everything before you enrol.

What are Intensive Driving Lessons?

As you may have got an idea by now, these courses are a rapid way of learning everything you need to know before taking theory and practical driving tests. A few years back, driving lessons used to consist of 4 – 8 weeks with one hour lesson per week.

Although it was an effective strategy, giving the learners enough time to practise and explore more about the field, it was difficult for some to attend those lessons consecutively for weeks. So, DVSA recommended that there should be something to offer a fast way to learn to drive, hence Intensive Driving Lessons.

This is ideal for someone who has attempted a theory test and failed. So, they just need to go through every previous lesson more rapidly, and see what they did wrong, and understand their mistakes. They will not have to go for the old school driving lessons which will take them 1 – 2 months again.

This can be particularly beneficial if you need to obtain your driver’s licence quickly for a job or other time-sensitive reasons. You’re often spending several hours a day solely on driving, which can help you stay focused and build your skills more rapidly.

Intensive Car driving lessons offer a more consistent learning experience, which can improve retention and skill development. Many intensive lessons include test preparation and may even schedule their driving test shortly after the course is completed, increasing their chances of passing their test.

Types of Speedy Driving Lessons

Depending upon the overall time, there are two common types of Intensive Driving lessons.

Residential One-Week Intensive Lesson

Intensive Driving Lesson in Crawley

As you can tell by its name, the whole training session takes 5 days to a week to complete. However, the overall time can be lessened if the learner has some experience in attending a theory test. The driving sessions are held at any local area or residence, typically a driving school.

It offers a fast driving lesson and stays concentrated on the daily lessons and practice sessions. Some driving courses may provide instruction for multiple hours each day to ensure that learners gain the necessary skills and knowledge quickly. It covers both theoretical and practical driving tests practices to make sure that the learner gets the required training in the best way possible.

The ideal candidate for this crash driving course would be the one who performed well in their driving theory test, but was not good enough to pass. This will help them go through everything they learned in their traditional lessons and kind of revise the concepts.

The only drawback of this type is there is no time guarantee of the actual tests. It can be delayed from several weeks to months, leading you to lose confidence after the fresh learning.

Driving instructors will continuously assess your skills and provide feedback to help you identify areas where improvement is needed. This feedback is crucial for your overall progress and readiness for the driving test.

Standard Fast Driving Lessons

Also known as Local driving courses, take place in the same local area as the learner. This driving lesson can only be undertaken if you have passed your theory test. You will be trained to adapt to local driving conditions such as traffic congestion, etc. Specifically in the United Kingdom, this driving lesson is more popular than the other.

Standard Fast Driving Lessons

The only difference between both types is Standard Driving Lessons will be held near your local area, and you will be trained by an instructor. After you have completed the whole intensive course, the practical driving test will be guaranteed within a day or two.

Local driving instructors are often knowledgeable about the routes commonly used for driving tests in the area. They can help learners become comfortable with these routes and navigate them effectively.

What to Expect from Intensive Driving Lessons?

As a wise man once said, “Sometimes, the journey to reach somewhere is more beautiful than the destination, you just have to look for that beauty”. So, the first thing that you have to remember is “Have Fun!” and you will learn to drive more quickly. Sometimes, the instructors may get strict, but that is only because they want you to be test-ready when giving your practical test under pressure. 

Your intensive driving school teacher will make a customized plan tailored right according to your overall needs and requirements. Moreover, they can understand your weak points and develop a strategy to strengthen that factor and make your practice more effective until you become an expert. Intensive lessons typically involve several hours of instruction per day. The schedule is concentrated and focused, often requiring your full attention and dedication.

Moreover, some people might think, its guaranteed that they will pass their driving test after the Intensive Driving Course. As shocking as it may sound, there is no guarantee. The overall purpose of these driving courses is to make sure that you know everything and learn to pass your driving test. But even the most senior driving instructor will not give you such confirmations. 

Lastly, the first thing to consider before choosing an intensive driving course is to make sure that you have some idea and feel of a steering wheel and have actually practised as a learner before. It will help you a lot if you have some knowledge and muscle memory for the clutch, accelerator, and brakes. As you will be driving for 4 – 6 hour lessons daily, it can be tiring and irritating but necessary for you to become a competent driver.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Hours does it Normally Take to Master Driving?

In an intensive driving course, it will normally take you around 40 – 50 hours to master the actual driving. Moreover, the time can vary according to your previous experience and your learning capabilities.

How to tell if Intensive Driving Lessons are Good for me?

This can be a good fit if you need to quickly obtain your driver’s license due to time constraints or specific requirements. They suit learners who can dedicate focused time and effort daily and have some prior driving experience, as the concentrated nature may be challenging for complete beginners.

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